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Elden Ring once had dream collecting

Cut content revealed in new video.

Elden Ring once had a feature that allowed players to collect dreams from sleeping enemies.

The news comes courtesy of Soulsborne fan, modder and streamer Lance McDonald, who has delved into Elden Ring to discover content cut from the final build.

The network test build of the game from last year included a number of sleeping enemies that were cut from the final game. McDonald uses this version to test out the mechanic.

A (now cut) monk character would originally have been found at the Scavenger’s Shack who would ask the player to find the ingredients for dreambrew, nectar of the demigods, used to "uncover someone's deepest, darkest secrets".

He would then give the player an item called St. Trina's Crystal Ball, used by the player to collect Dream Mist from enemies in a deep sleep. These are identified by a mist surrounding them as they sleep.

McDonald collects two Dream Mists and is given the dreambrew in return, which can then be given to NPCs for extra dialogue options. For instance, he tests this on a merchant character who drinks the brew and falls asleep, accompanied by new dialogue that states "his sleep is disturbed by a nightmare of his eyes being burned by the frenzied flame".

It's thought this mechanic would have been used to uncover extra (now unused) secrets, with a full quest assigned to the monk character.

You can see the mechanic in action in McDonald's video below.

More cut content has also been discovered by YouTuber Garden of Eyes.

Specifically, through datamining, references to Miquella - Malenia's twin brother - have been found in character files, along with unused textures and dialogue.

This may just be cut content, or it could be something hinting towards DLC. Check it out below.

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