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Sifu to receive difficulty options this spring

Student, Disciple, and Master.

Sifu is set to receive difficulty options this spring, as revealed in a new content roadmap.

The kung-fu beat 'em up is brutally hard and was criticised at launch for not including difficulty options. Developer Sloclap previously announced it would be adding in options - and now we know when.

The three options will be named Student, Disciple, and Master.

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Further extras are due out over the course of 2022.

Summer will bring advanced scoring and gameplay modifiers - including no pendant, which would surely mean playing through the entire game without dying. Other modifiers include bullet time, no guard, and all skills unlocked.

In autumn a replay editor will be released, while winter will bring a new mode called Arenas.

New outfits will also be added throughout the year. All these additions will be available for free across all versions of the game.

However, in a tweet reply, Sloclap added it's working on an upgrade bundle from the standard to the deluxe version. That may include extra outfits.

Sifu is available now on PlayStation and PC (via Epic). In our Sifu review, we described it as "gripping kung fu time management through a Western lens".

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