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Bandai Namco working with Nintendo on mystery remaster

Doing a barrel roll?

Bandai Namco is working with Nintendo to remaster a 3D action game.

That's according to multiple job listings on Bandai Namco's Japanese website, spotted on Resetera.

Those listings are for a planner and two visual artist positions, one of which specifies work to "perform HD remastering of the 3D background" (thanks google translate).

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The responsibilities of the artist positions involve porting existing material to an in-house game engine and creating 3D backgrounds for a 3D action game.

The planner, meanwhile, requires experience of action game level design, working on a 3D action game project from Nintendo.

It's hard to tell what exactly this project might be, though it appears to be a remaster of an existing game.

Resetera comments seem hopeful for a revival of Star Fox or Kid Icarus. Bandai Namco do have experience with the former, having developed Star Fox: Assault for the GameCube.

Could this be a long-awaited return for Fox McCloud, Slippy, and co?

The publisher also began work on the ill-fated Metroid Prime 4, which was later taken back by Retro Studios.

What game are you hoping for?

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