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Move sales exceed Sony's forecasts

1.5 million shifted in Europe so far.

Sales of Sony's Move controller have exceeded the platform holder's expectations with 1.5 million units shifted in Europe alone.

SCEE boss Andrew House told Bloomberg that Move, which launched on 15th September, had seen, "very significant sales in the first month since launch - somewhere in the region of 1.5 million units for the new controller across just Europe."

"The initial sales response has been so far in excess of our initial plan that we'll probably be looking at accelerating production," he added.

Back in August, Sony told Eurogamer that it wasn't expecting huge day one sales and that Move would succeed later through word of mouth. It seems it might have underestimated itself.

Microsoft's competing motion controller, Kinect, launches on 10th November. It's expecting to sell three million units worldwide by Christmas.

House added that Sony expected to exceed its target of 15 million PlayStation 3 console sales for this fiscal year.

"Sales have been significantly up year-on-year in a market that has been overall slightly down," he claimed.

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