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Eurogamer wins Games Media Award

Plus a beautiful goodbye to PC Zone.

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Eurogamer was lucky enough to pick up its fourth Games Website gong at the annual Games Media Awards in London last night. If you work in the games industry and cast a vote for us, thanks for your support, it's very humbling and we really appreciate it!

It wasn't just our night though - it was a time to remember the mighty PC Zone magazine, which was posthumously awarded the Games Media Legend award, presented by last year's Legend winner, VG247 editor and Eurogamer alum Patrick Garratt, who also took credit for Zone's demise in his introductory speech.

Members of the Zone editorial team including friends of Eurogamer Will Porter, Steve Hill and Jon Blyth were on stage, along with a man dressed up as a Chilean miner, to take possession of a large slab of perspex and a wreath. They then got very drunk, obviously.

It was also a good night for our friends at Rock, Paper, Shotgun, who collectively won the Games Blog award. Big up yourselves.

Elsewhere Tim Ingham from CVG won Online Writer (and said nice things about friend of Eurogamer Chris Donlan - thanks Tim), Retro Gamer won the Magazine category, Jon Blyth won Print Writer and Broadcast, the latter for The Blyth Report (beating the award-losing Podcast in the process - f*** you Jon), and the lovely Martin Robinson from IGN was named Rising Star.

In the mainstream categories, Dave Cook from The Scotsman won Regional Games Columnist, The Guardian won for Games Coverage by a National Newspaper, and Shortlist won Games Coverage by a Mainstream Magazine.

Last word can go to Patrick Garratt, who explained what it meant to be named Games Media Legend last year thus: "Only a complete t*** actually considers themselves to be a 'legend', and being called so by your peers is genuinely very flattering. Despite the accolade, though, I don't consider myself to be a legend at all. Let's be honest, raising head and shoulders above the majority of this room isn't exactly f***ing difficult, is it? The criteria by which I won the award appeared to be, 'Nice lad. Knows where to put a comma. Bit of a ****. Smoked crack on press trips.' Legend. One in a million."

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