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Mega Man 9 still hides secret content

Easter egg ties in with Mega Man 10.

More than two years after launch, nobody has found everything that Mega Man 9 has to offer, Capcom has revealed.

There is still one secret that no gamer has discovered, and it links in with another hidden easter egg in the follow up, Mega Man 10.

Capcom Community Manager Joveth Gonzalez told MTV's Multiplayer blog that the secret was still at large, despite widespread internet campaigns to track it down. There's an 88 page-long thread on the publisher's own Ask Capcom site, for example.

Gonzalez wasn't forthcoming with any details regarding what the hidden content involves but did reveal that "there's a reason that people haven't found it yet."

How cryptic. Do drop us a line if you manage to figure it out, wont you?

The fiendish but brilliant Mega Man 9 hit PlayStation Network, WiiWare and Xbox Live Arcade in 2008. Mega Man 10 followed last year, but wasn't quite as successful.

Next up for the Blue Bomber is Mega Man Universe, due on PlayStation Network and Xbox Live next year.

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