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PSP2 screen an "inch larger" than PSP's

"Sharper," too.

The PSP2's screen is an inch larger and "sharper" than the PSP's, according to a report.

Sony described the screen during behind closed doors meetings at the Tokyo Game Show as high definition, Kotaku reports.

"The screen itself is not only sharper than the current PSP's, but about an inch larger. The larger screen means that the PSP2 will be larger as well. In the private meetings, Sony is touting the screen as 'HD'."

Kotaku's sources back up PSP2 information gathered by Eurogamer over the last 18 months, including the existence of a touch screen panel on the back of the device.

"The touch panel was described as looking like a big mouse trackpad," Kotaku said. "When Sony showed the PSP2, it did not provide concrete details regarding how the trackpad will be implemented in games and instead is leaving that to the discretion of game developers."

The hardware, as we know, is currently not finalised, and specifications are expected to change.

In August Eurogamer brought you the news that Sony's vision for the next-generation PlayStation Portable was roughly the same size as the PSP-3000 and had touch controls on the reverse of the unit.

We learned that Sony was showcasing the unfinished handheld to publishers using several first-party games and had already settled on its business model for the device.

One source told us he expected it to launch by the end of 2011. Flash media support, similar to the PSPgo, seems most likely.

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