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Greenberg: 360 sold 484k in September

NPD may be keeping mum but A-berg's not.

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Microsoft's Chief of Staff for the Interactive Entertainment Business has said that Xbox 360 sold nearly 500,000 units in the US this September.

Aaron "Leo McGarry" Greenberg tweeted: "For full disclosure Xbox 360 sold 483,989 consoles, which is a 37% increase over last year...only system up YOY."

The NPD Group, which collects the figures, had earlier said the 360 saw a 34 per cent year-to-date increase. Halo: Reach figured pretty heavily in that success, shifting 3.3 million copies in its opening month to be the best-selling game in September.

NPD recently decided to stop publishing specific sales figures for hardware and software, stating: "Clients can release their figures, which we can verify, but it shouldn't be up to NPD to release these figures."

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