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Dead Space 2 CE has a Plasma Cutter

Creepy Scrawl is.

The Dead Space 2 Collector's Edition will contain a replica Plasma Cutter gun, "art cell", soundtrack, downloadable armour and a copy of the game.

Amazon - an official pre-order destination - provided the listing before EA presumably intervened and had it torn down. Luckily, Examiner saved a picture of the Collector's Edition before that happened.

Dead Space 2 will be released on 28th January 2011. The game was playable at the recent Eurogamer Expo 2010.

The new story follows heroic spaceship engineer Isaac Clarke as he attempts to rid space station Scrawl of the Necromoprh. He was successful on overrun ship USG Ishimura, and so he's expected to succeed again. But like John Rambo, he's a bit shaken up.

EA is building up to release with Dead Space Ignition, a downloadable Choose Your Own Adventure-style blend of comic and puzzle that's available on PSN and XBLA today. Ignition costs either £4.99 or 400 Microsoft Points.

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Dead Space 2

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