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Final Diablo III class is Demon Hunter

Game also features PVP arena battles.

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Blizzard has announced the fifth and final class for Diablo III - the Demon Hunter - and PVP arena battles.

Following a lengthy build-up at the BlizzCon opening ceremony, senior vice president of creative development Chris Metzen introduced the Demon Hunter on video.

The trailer began with a shot of bodies scattered around arcane markings on the ground. An athletic-looking hooded and armour-clad woman, the Demon Hunter, pulled a tooth out of the flesh of one of them and then spotted a blood trail. "Someone survived."

In the next scene she tracked down a mashed-up woman by a campfire. "You probably ran until you couldn't take another step. I remember that feeling," she said in greeting.

Suddenly monsters are on the horizon, and the injured woman asked if she was going to die. "As long as I'm here," said the Demon Hunter, "they are the prey, and I am the hunter."

Then she leapt into action, sporting two handheld crossbows, throwing bombs and doing acrobatics. The trailer then switched to in-game action, showing the Demon Hunter smashing up large groups of enemies with her bombs and bows.

"I stand alone. And if they keep coming, I will never stop killing," she said as we cut back to the injured girl by the fire. "You have a choice - hunted or hunter."

A second trailer followed introducing the PVP arena battles, promising class-based combat and team battles as well.

Both the Demon Hunter and PVP are playable at BlizzCon and Eurogamer's Oli Welsh will be on hand to try them out, speak to Blizzard about them and attend some of the many, no-doubt extremely detailed panels that support the announcements.

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