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PS Phone images "definitely fake"

UPDATE: Sony comment retracted.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Update: NowGamer, the website responsible for the original report, has pulled the Sony-attributed comment stating that the pictures were "definitely fake".

The website now tows the standard line Eurogamer heard earlier today: that Sony doesn't comment on "rumour and speculation".

Original story: Sony Europe has declared that the PlayStation phone images that appeared on the internet overnight are "definitely fake".

A spokesperson dismissed the evidence when presented it by NowGamer.

Strangely, however, Sony Europe told Eurogamer that it couldn't comment on "rumour and speculation". We're attempting to clarify.

Sony Ericsson, in turn, refused to comment on "rumour and speculation".

Ericsson has wanted to incorporate the PlayStation brand into mobile phone handsets for a while - much like the company did with other Sony technologies Walkman and Cyber-shot. Sony, however, held back PlayStation from Ericsson, deeming the mobile manufacturer's output of a quality level not yet satisfactory for the valuable gaming brand.

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