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No 'PlayStation' phone for Sony Ericsson

Mobile manufacturer denied use of brand.

Sony Ericsson has said that the current level of mobile phone technology could not do the "prestigious" PlayStation brand justice.

The comments follow reports of Sony refusing to share the license with partner Ericsson unless build quality was up to first-party standards, according to Mobile Today.

We're told the plan was to use the PlayStation brand in a similar way as with the Cyber-shot and Walkman handsets, and the lack of Sony support has now apparently prompted a fallout between the two companies.

"In the past, we have been keen that our product proposition lives up to brand promise, and we feel at the moment the technical specs are not high enough to put such a prestigious brand on a phone," said a Sony Ericsson spokesperson, refusing to directly comment on the Sony license refusal.

The news follows rocky recent months for Sony Ericsson, as costs are cut to counter the global economic pickle.

There was plenty of talk surrounding a PlayStation-branded phone in late 2007, after a Sony Computer Entertainment boss said a partnership with Ericsson on a mobile project was "definitely plausible". This, however, was later shot down as being misquoted by original reporter the Economic Times of India.

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