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Konami dates Kinect DanceEvolution

And Crossboard 7 and Sports Island Freedom.

DanceEvolution for Kinect will be released alongside the motion-sensing add-on on 10th November, Konami's announced.

CROSSBOARD 7, another Konami Kinect game, is also slated for release on 10th November. Hudson Soft's Sports Island Freedom will follow on 25th November.

DanceEvolution asks players to follow on-screen routines. CROSSBOARD 7 "uses the player's movements to steer their on-screen creature who is barrelling down a series of hazard-strewn courses". Boom.

And Sports Island Freedom is a collection of ten sporting events designed for Kinect. There's tennis, boxing, archery, paint ball, beach volleyball, dodge ball, kendo, mogul skiing, snowboard cross and figure skating.

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