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"It's a little bit hard to work out without knowing the altitude of that dragon..."

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Free DanceEvolution costumes, demo

Who will be Darwin er?

Konami's so-so Kinect game DanceEvolution welcomes a demo and a free batch of costumes today.

Gold members can play that demo right now, or watch a video if you don't have Kinect. Silver members must wait a week.

The free costumes can be seen while dancing along to "Brilliant 2U", "We Can Win The Fight" and "Crazy Control".

Konami has also put out a premium costume pack that costs 160 Microsoft Points.

Eurogamer tackled DanceEvolution back in December. What did Keza MacDonald think? "When I lived in Japan, there was a girl who came to my local arcade on Wednesday evenings to play Beatmania and Dance Dance Revolution. I would go to watch her (not in a creepy way – I wasn't hiding in a bush or anything)."


And spin, two three four, kick, two three four.

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