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Second place for UK at WCG

Gold in Forza and silver in Guitar Hero.

The UK achieved its best ever result at the World Cyber Games in Los Angeles at the weekend, finishing joint second with Germany and Brazil.

David Kelly (d.Daveyskills) won gold in the Forza competition, and George Boothby (ti.Monkey) won silver in the Guitar Hero challenge. Well done chaps.

First placed South Korea managed an impressive three gold, two silver and three bronze medals. It cleaned up at StarCraft, Warcraft III and won gold at Tekken 6.

"We're enormously proud of our UK players," said Craig Fletcher, MD of, which runs the UK arm of the World Cyber Games.

"In a thrilling weekend of videogaming competitions we proved we're close to the best in the world - and we hope the achievement this weekend will propel our players to go one better next time."

The World Cyber Games is e-sports' version of the Olympic Games. 32,000 spectators watched the tournament at the LA Convention Center with tens of millions of viewers watching the games live via the internet, organisers said.