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Cancelled Guitar Hero 7 had six-stringed guitar and no band

Cancelled Guitar Hero 7 had six-stringed guitar and no band

But development was a "disaster", a new report suggests.

A new report has shed light on the never-released Guitar Hero 7, which would have been based around a new six-string guitar peripheral.

The game would have taken the series back to its roots by removing drum and microphone support, a source told Kotaku.

The peripheral was "not a real guitar, or even [fully] six-stringed", the source described. "It had the classic Guitar Hero buttons on the neck with one extra new button, and six strings where the strum bar used to be. Yay! Now they have an extra button and five more strum bars!

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Why music games aren't dead

New book predicts a healthy future.

Despite Guitar Hero's bubble bursting earlier this year, the music genre is in great shape and looks set for major growth over the next few years, according to a new book on the genre out this week.

Acti: gamers still "love" Guitar Hero

Series lacked "nurturing and care".

Defunct music franchise Guitar Hero lacked the necessary care and attention needed from Activision to keep the series fresh, the publisher has admitted.

Will COD share Guitar Hero's fate?

Analysts assess FPS behemoth's future.

With over-exposure cited as one of the key factors behind the demise last week of Activision's once mighty Guitar Hero franchise, industry talking heads have now turned their attentions to the publisher's other cash cow Call of Duty and asked if it's hurtling towards a similar fate.

Why Guitar Hero died

"The brand lost its relevance."

As the dust settles on Activision's decision to put an end to its world-famous peripheral-based music franchise Guitar Hero and the difficult work of sacking those who helped create it begins, one question remains: where did it all go wrong?

Harmonix will "happily welcome" GH users

Rock Band dev hails fallen competitor.

Rock Band developer and original Guitar Hero creator Harmonix has paid tribute to Activision's recently axed franchise - and encouraged users to hop on over to its brand.

Activision closes 7 Studios

DJ Hero support studio canned.

The bodycount from Activision's house-cleaning exercise yesterday continues to mount up, with LA-based 7 Studios the latest confirmed dead.

What next for Guitar Hero DLC?

The day the music died.

Last night Eurogamer broke the news that Activision had closed its Guitar Hero business, effectively killing the music game after five years of groundbreaking success.

Activision kills Guitar Hero

Layoffs at DJ Hero dev, True Crime cancelled.

UPDATE: Reports are coming in that layoffs have also hit the Activision-owned developer Vicarious Visions. Developer Manveer Heir tweeted this evening to say, "Ugh sorry to hear about the Vicarious Visions layoffs today after Guitar Hero canceled. Shitty. Sounds like Freestyle (DJ Hero) got hit too."

Guitar Hero gets '90s rock DLC

Includes REM, Goo Goo Dolls, more.

REM and the Goo Goo Dolls are among the acts featured on the new '90s Rock Track Pack going live for Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock today.

Hero franchise will return in 2011

Activision not put off by falling sales.

The Hero franchise will be back in 2011, Activision has confirmed, despite dismal sales of both Guitar Hero: Warrior of Rock and DJ Hero 2.

Guitar Hero series in trouble

Dismal sales figures for Warriors of Rock.

Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock has sold just 86,000 copies in its first week in the US, across all formats.

Free Guitar Hero pack on XBL today

Plus: Rocky Horror tracks for Halloween!

Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock has arrived, and Activision is celebrating by offering free music, Rocky Horror Picture Show songs and individual tracks from Soundgarden's Telephantasm album this month.

Second place for UK at WCG

Gold in Forza and silver in Guitar Hero.

The UK achieved its best ever result at the World Cyber Games in Los Angeles at the weekend, finishing joint second with Germany and Brazil.

Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock

For a game promising "warriors", it's ironic to note that the sixth major instalment in the Guitar Hero series marks a significant retreat in its scrap with Rock Band.

The direction and focus make it clear: rather than try to compete with Harmonix in pushing the creative boundaries of the genre, Warriors of Rock settles for the safer ground of something more akin to a homecoming tour.

But retreat isn't necessarily defeat. World Tour matched Rock Band instrument for instrument, but with Harmonix about to unleash a "pro" guitar and keyboard, Neversoft has (probably very sensibly) elected not to give chase. Instead, Warriors of Rock represents an unabashed primal scream to core fans on a comfortably familiar stage.

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A Guitar Hero game every year "a given"

"We lost our souls," admits dev.

Guitar Hero developer Neversoft has accepted that publisher Activision will release a Hero game every year despite admitting the studio lost its soul competing with rival Rock Band.

Soundgarden album free with Guitar Hero

But no Black Hole Fun for Brits.

Veteran grunge band Soundgarden's greatest hits album will be bundled free with the first million launch units of upcoming music game Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock in the US.

This is quite interesting: Dave Mustaine from Megadeth has written a song for Warriors of Rock, the new Guitar Hero game. A Megadeth song designed, from the ground up, with note-tracking rather than, um, mosh-pitting in mind.

Activision unveils GH: Warriors of Rock

Activision unveils GH: Warriors of Rock

Fantasy! New peripheral! Quickplay+!

The rumours were right; Activision has unveiled Guitar Hero 6 as Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock. The game's due out this autumn.

Headline features are an "all-new, story-driven Quest Mode" narrated by KISS front man Gene Simmons; a redesigned, "rock-inspired" controller; the biggest on-disc selection of rock music so far and a "Quickplay+" mode.

Quest mode has turned to the fantastical, as eight new characters and a Demi-God of Rock go from New York digs to molten lava fields to battle against The Beast and save rock and roll. Ridiculous powers can be unlocked on the way, and a new art style has been employed.

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Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock confirmed

Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock confirmed

Renewed rock focus, DS modes on Wii.

The new Guitar Hero is indeed subtitled Warriors of Rock and will be released on PS3, Wii and Xbox 360.

That's according to a preview in Nintendo Power, which for some reason the mag has posted on its own website.

This time the developers have narrowed the series focus back to "guitar-centric rock n' roll", with a lot of handpicked songs, after Guitar Hero 5 went a bit off-piste.

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