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Level-5's Time Travelers for 3DS

Studio making hostess game too.

Level-5 has confirmed Time Travelers [sic] for 3DS.

Josh Ishii of Chunsoft and 428 fame will create what will become Level-5's first suspense title, according to Andriasang.

A video at the Japanese Level-5 conference showed a schoolgirl in a subway. The lights went out and a strange man appeared behind her. He started to count down. She then asked, "Why has it become like this?"

Ishii made two promises about Time Travelers. The first: it will have a strong story. The second: it will be designed to appeal to new people.

He's doing this because past games by Ishii have had good content "but it would be nice if [they] sold more". He wants Time Travelers to be a 500,000-to-1 million seller.

Level-5 also confirmed hostess simulation Kyaba Joppi for 3DS. Hostesses are female and male companions that lonely people can go and drink and chat with - there's nothing overtly sexual about it.

Ishii's wacky 428 Wii game.

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Time Travelers

PlayStation Vita, Nintendo 3DS

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