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Champions Online gets new stuff

Your Cape Canaveral good swish.

Cryptic's not-going-away MMO Champions Online is getting some new content. It's a second adventure pack and it's called Demonflame.

There's a story: it's about DEMON organisation leader Luther Black who once tried to - get this - pry open the doors to demon realm Qliphothic and steal super boss Sharna-Gorak the Destroyer's power. What an idiot!

He was stopped by superheroes and VIPER, but now he's trying again. This time you'll have to stop him and swoosh into the demon realm to kapow some bad guys.

Any character between levels 11 and 40 can have a go because the challenges adapt to you. They even scale depending on whether you're in a group or not.

Demonflame is due out in October, although the press release doesn't mention exactly when.

Despite having announced new online multiplayer RPG Neverwinter, Cryptic remains committed to Star Trek Online and Champions Online. Studio boss Jack Emmert assured Eurogamer that "those two teams continue to chug along" and that he doesn't expect them to "really ever peter out".

These are some existing Champions Online bosses.