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Disc release for 360/PS3 NBA Jam

B-ball reboot no longer download-only.

Arcade basketball reboot NBA Jam will be getting a full disc release on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, rather than appearing as a digital download, EA has confirmed.

Although initially announced for PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade, an EA spokesperson told Kotaku that the game's release status had been upgraded, clarifying comments made earlier by EA Sports boss Peter Moore.

In September, Moore announced, "We're going to ship NBA Jam as a standalone product on the Xbox 360 and PS3 in time for the holidays. Watch for more news soon on the exact timing of that release."

No release date has been announced for the game but, as Moore stated, it's expected before Christmas. Similarly, EA hasn't confirmed if it will include content not present in the Wii version, such as online play.

The Wii version of NBA Jam arrives on 22nd October.

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