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Lost Planet and Dead Rising cost Capcom

Poor sales and delay slash forecasts.

Capcom has lowered its forecasts for the first half of its fiscal year, blaming the delay to Dead Rising 2 and disappointing sales of Lost Planet 2.

Its estimates for total sales and income for the period from the start of April to end of September were both slashed, according to the press release (via Andriasang). The strong yen was also a factor in the company's disappointing performance, it said.

"There was a delay in the release of the major title Dead Rising 2," notes the release. "In addition, the rapid increase in the yen's value relative to the US dollar and Euro has reduced sales and operating income.

"Furthermore, Capcom has been unable to offset the large shortfall in sales relative to the plan for the flagship title Lost Planet 2 that was released overseas in the fiscal year's first quarter."

Lost Planet 2 disappointed critics (including Kristan) on its release, but Dead Rising 2, which just sneaked onto shop shelves before the end of September, fared much better.

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