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UK release date revealed for Nail'd

Arcade racer to reach finish line in Feb.

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Deep Silver has announced global release dates for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 racer Nail'd.

The game will launch in the US and Germany on 30th November. A few more European territories will get it in January, while here in the UK we'll have to wait until 4th February.

Nail'd is said to feature arcade racing which is "bigger, faster, higher, and longer than any game has ever gone before!" Expect spectacular tracks inspired by locations like Yosemite and the Andes, "Straight from Mother Nature's OMG collection."

Also: steep slopes, spinning saw blades, helicopters, airplanes, boulders, fire. Plus: "If the jumps in game were any higher, they'd have to class it as a flight sim!"

"The racing genre is overflowing with same-old car-based games this holiday season," said Deep Silver's Jon Schutts, apparently without irony. "nail'd delivers an arcade racing experience that brings back the fun and purity of going as fast as possible on tracks that couldn't be ridden on in real-life.

"Based on the response we've had from gamers and journalists, we know that nail'd has that indefinable magic that keeps people coming back for more. Even those who've described themselves as not being fans of the racing genre have told us they love this game."

Check out our hands-on preview of the game for more.

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