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EVE player loses 30 billion ISK

Scavengers take down $1200 vessel.

A massive coordinated suicide attack has cost one EVE Online player a staggering 30 billion ISK – that's $1200 in real money.

According to the MMORPG's official site, pilots from five different corporations teamed up to take down another player's pimped out Paladin vessel while he was in high-security space.

Apparently they stalked the player, user name Solarius, for two days before moving in for the kill. They then split the proceeds from the loot.

Solarius had kitted out his ship like some kind of intergalactic gin palace. The total value of all his vessel's brass doorknobs added up to 33.5 billion ISK (the in-game currency). If you were to cash that in it would buy you approximately seven years of game time.

Ouch. Insert your own favourite Confucian pride-before-a-fall proverb here.

Solarius did his best to make light of the $1200 loss, saying, "A drop in the ocean! That fit had netted me plenty of ISK durin' the time I had it. I could refit a Paladin to exactly the same spec if I wanted."

Whatever helps you sleep at night, matey.

Developer CCP Games recently unveiled the game's 14th expansion, titled Incursion. It's due out next month on PC.

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