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Ubi's Detoc compares Kinect to iPad

Wants Ubi to be biggest third-party on it.

Ubisoft's North American boss Laurent Detoc has said his company wants to be the largest third-party supporter of Kinect, which he likens to Apple iPad in terms of its allure.

"It's our intent to be the biggest third-party publisher on that machine," Detoc told Gamasutra.

Detoc was speaking at an event in San Francisco devoted solely to Ubisoft's Kinect output. "That's a statement about how we think it's going to do," he explained.

"We're only making like half a dozen games. We could have made like 12. There's a right balance to have."

Is it really going to set the world on fire? "Yes, I think so. Because it's cool. It's a piece of technology. Why do people buy iPads? I have an iPad. My wife has an iPad. Why? You've gotta have it."

Detoc also expects this technology to become more prevalent in the near future. "I think [Microsoft] see that five years from now - I don't want to put a number on that because it would be silly of me, because I don't have enough knowledge - I would be surprised if the TV I buy five years from now doesn't have a 3D camera in it.

"We're going to put 3D cameras in everything."

Ubisoft has some history backing new control mechanisms, having been one of the largest third-party supporters of the Wii launch back when Nintendo's system was a bit of an unknown quantity.

"We don't have a crystal ball but we think the Wii is going to be a huge success right away and we want to be the number-one independent publisher for Wii in 2006," Detoc said at the time.

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