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Rock Band library to top 2000 tracks

Harmonix hits milestone this month.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Harmonix has announced that more than 2000 tracks will be available for Rock Band by the end of this month.

Songs from Jimi Hendrix's seminal album Are You Experienced? will be released as downloadable content on 12th October. It's what he would have wanted. Possibly. Rock Band 3 will launch a few weeks later, hitting European shops on 29th October.

At this point the number of tracks in the RB library will surpass the magic 2000 milestone. Number fans may also like to now that more than 75 million tracks have now been downloaded from the Rock Band store.

"The success of our song downloads has afforded us the opportunity to approach Rock Band as an interactive music platform and reshape the way gamers think of expansion content," said MTV exec Paul DeGooyer, who probably actually talks like that in real life.

"Now, with the release of our 2000th song, we are reaffirming our commitment to present new music every week – and with the new features in Rock Band 3, there will be more ways than ever to experience it." Well done Paul.

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