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Guess what percentage finished ACII

It's "huge", says Ubisoft.

A surprising 60 per cent of people gave up on story-led action game Assassin's Creed II before the end.

Which means 40 per cent did finish the campaign - and Ubisoft's mission maker Gaelec Simard reckons that number is "huge".

"In the industry, the number of games that are finished is more like five to ten per cent," he told Joystiq.

"We all think people finish games, but when you start asking around, you'll find that a lot of people don't get to the end.

"We want the player to experience the whole package, so that's something we're trying to push."

Only 35 per cent stuck with Assassin's Creed 1 until the end, Simard revealed.

But those AC1 statistics were based solely on Xbox 360 Achievements, whereas the more accurate AC2 figure was compiled from built-in stat-tracking service Uplay.

Simard's comments tally with those of Killzone 3 producer Steven Ter Heide, who told Eurogamer earlier this month that the "majority" of people didn't finish Killzone 2.

"Funnily enough, not a lot of people complete the game. That's something you see for a lot of games. We track a lot of that data," Ter Heide added.

Assassin's Creed 1 scored 7/10 on Eurogamer; Assassin's Creed II scored 9/10. The plot revolves around a man being transported back to the time of his genetic ancestors to uncover various secrets about Templars and shady organisations.

Assassin's Creed II.