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Cave creation coming to Europe

Japanese shmup Deathsmiles in 2011.

Shoot-'em-up fans rejoice - Cave's work is finally coming to Europe. Rising Star will publish Xbox 360 game Deathsmiles here early next year.

A horizontal shooter, Deathsmiles is based around witches on broomsticks rather than spaceships. Pick a lady and begin, blasting hordes of enemies that come from both sides of the screen with rapid-fire spells. That means you'll be shooting behind you as well as in front. Luckily, you'll have a bit of help: each witch will have a familiar (pet) that flies along with them.

Deathsmiles was released three years ago in Japanese arcades. The translation to console meant a few extra bits and bobs, such as a couple of extra modes designed specially for a pad and telly. There's also two-player co-op locally or online.

The European release has gained the Mega Black Label pack, which contains an extra playable character and a stage with difficulty level 999.

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