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Cave working on Windows Phone exclusive

Cave working on Windows Phone exclusive

Deathsmiles dev readies new mobile shooter.

Shmup specialist Cave is working on a new title for Windows Phone 7, the Japanese developer has announced.

Details are scarce, but the studio development head Makoto Asada revealed that the game is currently 20 to 30 per cent complete via its official blog, as translated by Andriasang.

No title, gameplay details or screens were offered, but Asada stated that it's an original game rather than a port of an existing title.

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Deathsmiles iPhone, iPod touch announced

Cave's brain-melting horizontal shmup Deathsmiles will launch on iPhone and iPod touch in the spring.

The Japanese game maker refers to the iPhone/iPod touch version of Deathsmiles as a port of the Xbox 360 version rather than of the arcade version, reports Andriasang.

The Xbox 360 version launched as a budget game in the UK last Friday. Simon Parkin entered the zone for Eurogamer and emerged with an 8/10.

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Rictus Grin.

It started with Defender. Eugene Jarvis' dastardly shoot-'em-up was the first videogame to wear its difficulty on its sleeve, just as players would wear its mastery as a badge of honour following its October 1980 release. Defender divided gamers into two camps: those who played games for pleasure and those who played games for prestige. Soon after its release, it was taking 150 million quarters a week across the US from those hoping to bask in cathode ray kudos.

It's a tradition that Cave, Shinjuku's premier boutique shoot-'em-up developer, picked up 15 years later. The company's work with the Donpachi series established its own devilish sub-genre, 'bullet hell'. For years, Cave's precise, inimitable games have challenged the best arcade players to pick their way through squalls of pixel chaos. Those who manage to do so in a single credit are gods among men; their high scores are numerical read-outs of prescient hand-eye co-ordination and the ability to plot a route to victory through a curtain of pandemonium.

More recently, with the decline of the arcade, Cave has been attempting to find ways to serve a less twitch-proficient audience, both by way of its iPhone ports and this, the first of the company's arcade titles to be released in Europe in a box. Deathsmiles, which debuted in arcades in 2007, is a horizontal shoot 'em up that manages to serve both types of player that Defender split apart: those who play the game for pleasure and those who play it for prestige.

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Cave creation coming to Europe

Japanese shmup Deathsmiles in 2011.

Shoot-'em-up fans rejoice - Cave's work is finally coming to Europe. Rising Star will publish Xbox 360 game Deathsmiles here early next year.