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Sony proclaims PS3's VidZone a success

More than half a billion music vids delivered.

Sony has hailed the PlayStation 3's free music video streaming service VidZone as a resounding success.

More than half a billion music video streams have been delivered to more than 3.7 million people. Currently there are 30,000 music related videos on the service. All this has been achieved in just over a year, Sony noted.

How has VidZone become so popular? "The VidZone team credits the service's enormous popularity to the enhanced technical proficiency recently introduced over a JAVA and SQL framework promoting an effective and flexible speed of service coupled with a diverse selection of content on offer covering thousands of Independent labels as well as Major record labels," said Sony. Bet you're glad we asked.

In April Sony launched VidZone TV on PlayStation 3 with over 100 pre-programmed, telly-style music channels to watch for free.

The idea was to do away with the need to spend time building playlists. You simply pick a themed-channel - seventies, eighties, hip-hop, dance, etc. - and let it play.