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Nathan Fillion wants to be Nathan Drake

Firefly star asks fans to rally behind him.

Nathan Fillion wants to play Nathan Drake in the upcoming Uncharted movie.

On Twitter, the Firefly star publicly backed fans calling for his involvement.

"If ever there was a Twitter campaign, let this be it," he digitally bellowed. "Rise, ye Browncoats. Rise, ye Castillions. RISE!"

"Browncoats" refers to cult sci-fi telly series Firefly, and "Castillions" to current show Castle.

Director David O Russell (The Fighter, Three Kings) has signed with Sony Pictures to make the movie.

The role of Nathan Drake has been filled, in the games, by Nolan North. His performances have been motion captured to great acclaim. However, his videogame fame - he's voiced plenty of other characters including Assassin's Creed's Desmond - doesn't spill into the world of film.

What's more, Nathan Fillion not only looks like the character Nathan Drake, he also shares the same name. Yours truly thought Nathan Drake was Nathan Fillion throughout the entire first Uncharted game. He's that similar. And I'm stupid.

The Uncharted film is still a long way off. Setbacks hit the project last summer, and only a first draft of the script - by Tom Donnelly and Josh Oppenheimer - has so far been produced.

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Uncharted 2: Among Thieves.

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