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Eurogamer Expo special! The highs, the lows, inappropriate comments.

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THIS IS REALLY HAPPENING. Today marks the beginning of the third annual Eurogamer Expo! It's taking place at Earls Court in London, it's totally sold out (well, pop along in the afternoon and we might let you in) and all the best games and developers for miles around are coming down so you can play them and hear what they have to say.

To celebrate - in fact, this is one of many, many ways we intend to celebrate - we've recorded a special bonus instalment of the Podcast. Host Tom Bramwell is joined by Eurogamer managing director Rupert Loman - the man who started it all - and our lead designer Martin Taylor to chew over what's going on at the Expo and to be rude and uncouth in general.

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We talk about the amazing developer sessions featuring Lionhead's Peter Molyneux, Sucker Punch, Eidos Montreal, id Software's Tim Willits and loads of others and share the things we know about them. We talk about the line-up of games on the show floor and which we've played and what we make of them - PES! Gears of War 3! Loads of others! Etc!

We also talk about some of our favourite memories of Expos past, and the other attractions you might not know about - like the Indie Games Arcade, which last year saw the first public demonstration of Joe Danger. What future delights lurk among this year's line-up? And which has the best name?

We also have an amazing Expo-exclusive competition. You. Will. Not. Believe.

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The Podcast is usually published at 3pm UK time on Tuesdays. If you're amazingly lucky, we'll have another bonus instalment on Monday too...

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