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Bonk, Tetris, Omega Five for 3DS

Hudson unveils handheld plans.

New Bonk, Bomberman, Tetris and Omega Five titles are all in development for 3DS, publisher Hudson Soft has confirmed.

Siliconera spied postings for a new game in the ancient Bonk platforming series on Hudson's website, alongside news of a new Tetris title for Nintendo's incoming handheld.

Hudson recently confirmed Bonk: Brink of Extinction for PlayStation Network, WiiWare and Xbox Live Arcade. The website does not state whether the 3DS game is a port of that title.

There's also a listing for a new Omega Five title. Again, no word yet on whether it's a remake of Natsume's impressive 2008 Xbox Live Arcade shooter or a new game.

Hudson clearly has a lot of faith in the 3DS – the Japanese publisher has already announced that Bomberman, Kororinpa and Deca Sports titles are in the pipeline.

The publisher would not confirm release windows for any of these titles. The 3DS itself, however, is due in March 2011.

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