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Hudson cancels planned 3DS titles

Bomberman, Bonk, Omega 5 not happening.

Veteran Japanese developer Hudson has canceled three of its announced 3DS projects, according to the latest edition of Famitsu magazine.

Siliconera's translation tells us that Bomberman, Omega Five and Bonk are no longer in development.

No reason is given, but it could well be as a result of Hudson being taken over by Konami earlier this year, with the subsequent closure of its US arm.

Could the 3DS be the first game console in the history of mankind not to host a Bomberman game? Extraordinary scenes.

The same Famitsu article also revealed that Konami has canned two unannounced Wii RPGs, Bonk: Brink of Extinction for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, Bass Fishing Life for PlayStation 3, Deca Sports 4 for Wii and another PlayStation 3 Bomberman game.

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