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Gaikai live in mid-December - Perry

He's cirrus about it.

Gaikai, the cloud computing service helmed by David Perry, is on track for a mid-December release.

That's what the man himself told VG247.

"We said we'd be done by the end of September, and we are. We're feature complete," Perry boasted.

"The problem is we have not had the mass market real gamers come and play this. We've had publishers playing, but we haven't had real gamers.

"The minute that announcement comes out of who we're going to partner with we'll start sending out invites immediately," he added. "And we're going to do that for 60 days. So we are 60 days from the start of those invites to launch

"That means, at some point in December – probably mid-December – we will be live. There will be no 'you're in a beta', it'll just be 'go ahead and play'."

Gaikai, unlike rival service OnLive, will scale depending on consumer demand, and the emphasis is going to be on demos rather than full games. It's a little less ambitious, perhaps - does that mean it's more likely to work?

Eurogamer delved into Perry's mind to find out more about Gaikai a couple of years ago. Old, but still relevant.

Meanwhile, OnLive is available to consumers in the US. The UK launch, however, won't happen until late 2011.

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