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As OnLive struggles, Sony reveals it's working with Gaikai to resolve issues around cloud gaming

"Games become something in the future, like when you watch YouTube."

Perry: Gaikai should be added to current generation of Sony consoles and PlayStation 4

"You can't just make the same console as last time. You have to build something that's revolutionary."

Gaikai's David Perry intends to push for core-focused console within Sony

"It's just got to make the most badass games possible." Podcast #118: David Perry's Golden Yacht Edition

We pick apart the Sony Gaikai acquisition and talk Rezzed.

Sony buying Gaikai: "It's certainly a move for PlayStation 4"

But "streaming demos an absolute first" on PS3.

Sony acquires Gaikai for $380m

Intends to establish new cloud streaming service for games and more.

Digital FoundryBulletstorm: Xbox 360 vs. Gaikai Input Lag Video

The moment that Cloud input lag matched the local experience.

Play games on Eurogamer using Gaikai

Read about demo, then give it a go.

EA on 3D: Games will get their Avatar

But it's not the priority.

Gaikai not worried by OnLive patent

Insists remote gaming is not patentable. quietly launched

Dave Perry presses the big red button.

Gaikai live in mid-December - Perry

He's cirrus about it.

Xbox not worried about Gaikai, OnLive

Something for "longer term", says Microsoft.

Gaikai beta for Europe this month

Perry's cloud gaming service materialising.


Dave Perry sells you into blissful slavery.

Digital FoundryGaikai: Cloud Computing Gameplay That Works?

Eurogamer versus gaming over IP: round two.

David Perry demos OnLive-style tech

Gaikai shown running WOW, EVE.