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David Perry demos OnLive-style tech

Gaikai shown running WOW, EVE.

Acclaim's chief creative officer David Perry has posted a video demonstrating his streaming games-on-demand cloud service, Gaikai.

The clip shows World of Warcraft and EVE Online running through a web browser, which controls the game running on a remote PC.

On his site, Perry explains his "real internet" set-up of Windows Vista and Firefox used during the demonstration. There's no need to install any software, he adds, nor pay astronomical fees for a super-server - this is a regular server in a regular hosting facility.

The server used during this demonstration was 800 miles away, which gave Perry a ping of 21 milliseconds.

"We designed this for the real internet," writes Perry. "We don't claim to have 5000 pages of patents, we didn't take seven years, and we do not claim to have invented 1 millisecond encryption and custom chips. As you can see, we don't need them, and so our costs will be much less."

"Our goals are really simple," he adds, "to remove all the friction between hearing about a game and trying it out, to help reduce the cost of gaming, to grow video game audiences, to raise the revenue that publishers and developers can earn, and (most importantly) to make games accessible everywhere.

"If the iPhone App Store has taught us anything, when you make it easy to check things out, you get a billion downloads," he said. "The professional games industry has never had access to those countless millions of clicks, but now they do."

Perry will be detailing the technology at the Develop conference in Brighton later this month. And we'll be there. We're there already, in fact, and just waiting for the conference to arrive.

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