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Layton VS Phoenix Wright only for Japan

But, with your support, it could head west.

Exciting crossover 3DS game Professor Layton VS Phoenix Wright is as of right now a Japan-only title, but with gamers' support it could come to the West, Capcom's said.

"The game has only been announced for Japan," wrote Capcom's jgonzo in a blog post.

"Want it available outside of Japan? Shout out in the comments! The more comments we get for this blog post, the better!

"Let's show Capcom Japan that there's definite interest in Europe and North America!"

Meanwhile, titbits of information have been revealed about the enticing game.

Professor Layton VS Phoenix Wright is a tentative title. It's described as a "puzzle-solving courtroom adventure", and its release date is to be determined.

In the game, Wright and Layton and other major characters from both series will be transported to a surreal medieval city called Labyrinth City where they must work together to solve contradiction-filled puzzles in order to solve the larger mystery at hand.

Did you know the Ace Attorney series has sold 3.9 million units worldwide? Now you do. Capcom reckons it's one of its "strongest intellectual properties".

Professor Layton, though, has sold a whopping 9.5 million units worldwide since the first title in the series went on sale in February 2007.

"We feel that by drawing upon the strengths of both series, this collaboration will bring new, casual game players to the adventure game genre and into the world of gaming in general while strengthening the value of the two brands overall," Capcom said.

Professor Layton VS Phoenix Wright's announcement trailer is below.