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ChampMan 11 the best on iPhone?

Brand torch-carrier out today.

Beautiful Game Studios' first specialised iPhone and iPod Touch Championship Manager game has been released.

For an attractive £4/€5.49, yours can be a rebuilt football management sim designed only for Apple's touch-screen gizmos. The older iPhone ChampMan games were ports.

And it's not just the mechanics that have been tailor made: the gameplay is now based around "snack-sized chunks". BGS boss Roy Meredith reckoned most of you will find several pockets of spare time to play each day.

What's more, with the Championship Manager PC series on indefinite hold, CM11 on iPhone is shouldering the entire weight of the brand. There's no way Square Enix would let it be rubbish.

So, could this be what we haven't seen in years: the first Championship Manager to triumph over Football Manager?

Look out for a Eurogamer review soon. Alternatively, share your impressions below.