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SCII: Heart of the Swarm due after 2011


Blizzard will not release the second game in the StarCraft II trilogy, Heat of the Swarm, until after 2011 – probably.

That's according to lead producer Chris Sigaty, who offered the titbit during a story question and answer panel at BlizzCon, reported by IGN,

Sigaty's comments tally with those of Battle.net project director Greg Canessa, who hinted earlier this month that Heart of the Swarm was scheduled for release in early 2012.

The release window is roughly consistent with the two-year gaps between World of Warcraft expansions, so it seems credible.

Heart of the Swarm delivers the zerg campaign – the second of three campaigns that make up the entire SCII experience. The first, Wings of Liberty, released in July to critical and commercial acclaim.

Yesterday Blizzard announced the addition of two new high-level leagues to the StarCraft II multiplayer ladder system, introducing seasons, and adding an option to view featured replays of top matches.

The PC game creator also showed four internally-developed mods for StarCraft II, all of which it will be releasing for free download: Blizzard DOTA, StarJeweled, Left 2 Die and Aiur Chef.

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