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Levine rejected collab with film director

"What's the point of two creative leads?"

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Ken Levine has revealed that he rejected the opportunity to work with a "very talented" film director on a game.

"My feeling is, why?" the BioShock developer told Develop. "Why would any game designer want to do that?

"What's the point of having two creative leads? And why would I want a film director to help me make a game any more than they would want me to help out with their films?"

Levine also indicated that he thought Hollywood looked down on game creation and that it was somehow easy.

"There's a sense in the entertainment fields that videogames are seen as the junior varsity. There's this feeling of, 'Oh, one day you can come up to our league,'" he said.

"In our industry there's too many people star-struck of the movie world," he added, "jumping into deals with some big movie director just because they're big film directors."

"It's why I won't do cut-scenes. Going down that road is dangerous," he warned, "the focus is the play."

Referring to Guillermo del Toro's collaboration with THQ, he added: "I'm thinking he's never made a videogame. Maybe he's got a genius for it. But games are really, really hard to make well."

Levine is currently hard at work on BioShock Infinite. That game will be released on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 in 2011.

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