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Bioshock Infinite Steam update adds new launcher, to upset of its community

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A recent "Quality of Life" update for Bioshock Infinite on Steam has added a new launcher, which includes a "Store to purchase new content".

This update went live over the weekend, and also added an in-game account linking option.

Cover image for YouTube video31 Things You Didn’t Know About Bioshock Infinite Even If You Played It - BIOSHOCK INFINITE PS5
31 things you didn't know about Bioshock Infinite, even if you played it.

However, despite being labelled as a "quality of life" update, this move by publisher 2K has left some fans unhappy, with several stating the game is now broken.

"Valve definitely needs to implement a new policy that prevents publishers from screwing over Steam players by putting it anti-consumer BS years after a game launches or releasing 'updates' that fundamentally break the game (on linux in this case) and add features that have zero benefit to the player and are solely intended for data mining and advertising," wrote one user.

Another added, "Any game that uses launchers on Steam, is never a good sign."

Discussion threads across the game's Steam page are now helping the Bioshock Infinite community bypass this newly added launcher, while others are suggesting buying games elsewhere from now on.

While this news has caused a certain amount of irritation among Bioshock Infinite players, a wave of updates earlier in the year did lead many to speculate that a new launcher for the game would be coming at some point. And now, that point is here.