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Mac gets dedicated App Store

Apple steps up games offering.

The Mac is set to get its own version of the App Store, Apple has announced.

MCV reports that CEO Steve Jobs revealed a Mac App Store would launch "within 90 days", during an OS X Lion preview event earlier today.

Although no titles have been confirmed as of yet, Apple promises it will offer software made specifically for the platform.

The interface and functionality will be very similar to the regular App Store, allowing users to download and re-download software onto all Macs that they use.

Like on the iPhone, iPod and iPad, apps will autosave and resume when relaunched, install onto the dock automatically and update autonomously.

Apple announced that developers could start submitting products in November and can expect the same 70/30 revenue split as on the iOS.

So, these seem to be salad days for Mac gaming. Valve launched its popular Steam portal for the platform back in May, helping the service to its best ever year.

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