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Blue Toad Murder Files coming to PC

PS3-exclusive plot thickens.

Quaint murder mystery game Blue Toad Murder Files: The Mysteries of Little Riddle will be available to download for PC on 24th November, Eurogamer can exclusively reveal.

The complete six-episode pack will cost £14.99 / $19.99 and be available to download from online games distribution sites as well as from the official website.

David Amor, Executive Director at developer Relentless, said: "A whole new audience of super sleuths will delight in Blue Toad Murder Files for PC; never has a 'murder most horrid' been so much fun to solve."

Blue Toad was originally released in December 2009 exclusively on the PlayStation Network.

An entranced Christain Donlan awarded it 8/10.

Exclusive screenshots of the PC version are below.

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