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Xbox 360 Majin demo out now

Taste Majin.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

An Xbox 360 demo for Game Republic's Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom is available to download now.

Queue it up here so it's sitting pretty in your Xbox 360 harddrive when you get home. But know this: it weighs in at 237.4 MB.

What is Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom? It's described as a "new fusion of cooperative stealth and action".

You play a hero alongside the AI-controlled monster Majin. You have to combine your talents to overcome obstacles and horrible beasties. There are "over 30 hours of gameplay" on offer.

Christian Donlan went hands-on in May. "Can Game Republic hit the sweet spot between something tender and something thrilling? Can the developers offer a simple fable that still has room for a bit of substance along the way?" he asked.

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