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Homefront novel detailed

Co-written by Apocalypse Now screenwriter.

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The novel set in the Homefront universe and due out early next year is co-written by Apocalypse Now screenwriter John Milius and Raymond Benson, author of two Metal Gear Solid books and multiple James Bond novels.

Milius was the man who coined the famous "I love the smell of napalm in the morning" line from Apocalypse Now.

Homefront the game puts you in the combat boots of an American resistance fighter taking on a North Korean occupation force 20 years in the future, following a massive energy crisis.

Milius worked as a "story consultant" on the game. In June publisher THQ said he was "perfect for this kind of setting and drama", and was "definitely involved in the dialogue".

"He's basically been a story consultant for us. He comes down to our studio every month or so and we do a meeting with him where we run through our outline, and he gives us a lot of feedback on structure, characters, the pacing," lead designer Erin Daly told Eurogamer.

"He's a great military historian, so he'll say, 'here's how a resistance would really plan this operation' and give you a lot of specific details that add that authenticity to it.

"He's not writing the story per se but he's heavily involved in structuring it and increasing the quality of it."

THQ core games boss Danny Bilson described the novel as "the first element of what will become a vast transmedia strategy for Homefront".

"John Milius has already worked with us extensively on the Homefront game, and we're thrilled to have him and Raymond on board as we develop our near-future world into other types of media," he said.

"Homefront represents a fascinating vision of the near-future," added John Milius. "After completing my work on the game, it became clear that there were many more stories to tell, and this book will offer a chilling look at this near-future world."

Christian Donlan went hands-on for Eurogamer earlier this month.

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