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Forza fans turn on Turn 10

UPDATE: MS "evaluating" situation.

UPDATE: Microsoft has just issued Eurogamer the following statement:

"Right now 'Stig's Garage Car Pack' is only available through the purchase of the Forza Motorsport 3 Ultimate Collection. We are evaluating if and how we release the collection independent of the retail bundle and will have more to share soon."

ORIGINAL STORY: Forza fans have exploded in anger over the planned release of new cars exclusive to the Ultimate Collection of Forza 3.

Hundreds of comments litter Turn 10's blog post discussing the 10 new cars to be included in the Collection, due out on 29th October.

Last month BBC telly show Top Gear signed a "long-term" deal to collaborate on all future Forza Motorsport racing games, the first fruits of which will be evident in the Collection.

It'll include 90 minutes of edited Top Gear telly, access to Stig's Garage Car Pack - The Koenigsegg CCX, LEXUS LFA, and Mercedes Benz SLS-AMG - and an Xbox Live Top Gear theme.

The Collection bundles all of the DLC released to date. That totals around 500 cars, including 10 cars that will only be found via the Ultimate Collection.

It is the 10 exclusive cars that have driven Turn 10's community up the wall.

"Wow, so is T10 actually trying to see how much they can crap on the community that is supposedly the heart of the Forza experience?" wrote manc4life7.

"I just love that the ONLY new info on the FUC is that we were all mistaken - ALL 10 new cars are only to be found in the new edition. Wow. Just, wow."

DEADMAN GT said: "I see that they are still not catering to their current fanbase still. Hmmmm. I love Top Gear and this would be great if we could get it as DLC, but this is really taking the mickey."

And a clearly disappointed Shortt Sirket wrote: "Come on guys! I am trying to pull for you, I really am. But when you give us NO information, it gets a bit hard. Any news on the Forzalopnik Pack? Any info if these exclusive cars will be available as DLC for current owners?

"That is all we want. Just give us some info instead of blindly ignoring your user base with these practically content-free updates. We have been waiting over eight months for the Forzalopnik pack and with GT5 looming on the horizon, it is getting harder and harder to care for much longer."

Turn 10 is currently working on a Kinect-enabled Forza game, unveiled at E3 2010.

Eurogamer has contacted Microsoft for comment and will update if it chooses to respond.