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Resistance 3 won't be the last

Insomniac not ready to put shooter to bed.

Insomniac's now acclaimed PS3 alien shooter series Resistance could run and run and run; work-in-progress Resistance 3 certainly won't be the end of it.

"Resistance 3 is a story within the Resistance universe that can be expanded upon. Doors will be shut, but they won't be slammed," developer Insomniac revealed in the November issue of Game Informer (reported on PS3Center).

That statement coincided with an information splurge about the new game that was mopped up on NeoGAF.

Resistance 3 takes place after Resistance 2, and the central character will be Joseph Capelli, who started a family with the sister of Resistance 1 & 2 hero Nathan Hale. He's on some sort of mission to New York to find a vaccine for his son. Sounds boring but, thankfully, the Chimera aliens with all their eyes and teeth are back to spice things up.

Campaign co-op will return, as will online multiplayer - although Insomniac is keen that the latter be more organised than the 60-player insanity of Resistance 2.

Resistance 3 will have smarter artificial intelligence that can climb over walls and through windows, plus enemies that jump from rooftop to rooftop, firing down at you.

You'll have lots of guns to fire back with, of course, including returning favourites Bullseye, Magnum, Shotgun, Auger and Carbine. There's a new Mutator weapon, too. This deploys a chemical mist that causes boils to swell and pop on the skin of enemies, forcing a damaging puss to splurge over nearby aliens.

Game Informer also noted that you'll come across humans cannibalising their friends due to a lack of food, and that Insomniac boss Ted Price has handed the reins to Marcus Smith on this project. Those two details are unrelated, of course.

Resistance 3 was unveiled at gamescom in August this year. We haven't seen much, just an atmospheric video and a spattering of are-they-in-game-aren't-they screenshots.

We do know, however, that Resistance 2 was much better than Resistance: Fall of Man. Insomniac's got the measure of the PS3 now, and all signs point to the third instalment being very good indeed.

But what's more interesting is Insonmiac's new multi-platform deal with EA - the game that Ted Price must have excused himself to direct. Confidence is running high, causing EA Partners' David DeMartini to predict scores of 9/10 or higher before we've even seen the game.

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