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What is PSN Pass?

Resistance 3 PS3 bundle spills beans.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Sony may this September launch a PlayStation Network Pass.

An image of a German Resistance 3 PlayStation 3 bundle has popped up on the internet, and it clearly shows something called "PSN Pass".

"PSN Pass Network features only available in countries that have PlayStation Store," it reads, according to German gaming forum Konsolentreff.

Is PSN Pass similar to the Online Pass, which EA, THQ, Codemasters and Warner Bros. now use?

If so, new copies of Resistance 3 may come with a code that enables access to some or all of its online features, and second-hand copies may not, forcing pre-owned customers to pay extra for access.

In August last year Sony said it was considering charging to unlock online portions of its games.

"On the principle of making online portions of the game available or unlocked from the disc-based release for a fee, we're broadly supportive of that," Sony Computer Entertainment Europe boss Andrew House said.

"And we're exploring actively the same option for our own content."

Eurogamer has contacted Sony for comment.

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