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Expo celeb special with Tim Willits! Ed Stern! Maxx Kaufman!

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OH MY DAYS. We've had some great guests on the Podcast in the past, but at the Eurogamer Expo this weekend we really excelled ourselves, securing the time and wit of superstar game developers Tim Willits (creative director, id Software), Maxx Kaufman (game director, inXile) and Ed Stern (story man, Splash Damage).

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Obviously we discuss their games - RAGE was demoed on three successive days at the Expo, while Hunted had its own developer session and playable demo on the showfloor, and Brink was playable as well.

Tim tells us how European events compare to American ones, Ed talks about Kevin Cloud's horse ranch, Maxx explains why his name is weird, and then Ed and Maxx bully Tim about his airs and graces. You'll also learn how Tim deals with hecklers during his Eurogamer Expo sessions.

We talk about current affairs too, including the delay to Gears of War 3, the impending launch of the Nintendo 3DS, and that Microsoft video about how you need to do the dishes before Kinect will work.

Thanks must go out to Bethesda Softworks' Alistair Hatch - a former podcast guest, doncha know - for his fine work in helping us put this together, and thanks also to Tim, Maxx and Ed for their time and tolerance.

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