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Shank and DeathSpank out on PC

Shank you. No, spank you.

Downloadable romps DeathSpank and Shank have been released on PC.

Each costs £9.99 on Steam, and there's a demo of Shank to try before you buy.

DeathSpank is the better of the two. It's an action RPG bossed by Ron Gilbert of Monkey Island fame. There are jokes, then, and a none-too-serious world filled with monsters that need carving up so you can become more powerful and deck yourself out in better equipment. Eurogamer stamped 6/10 on the console version.

Shank, on the other hand, is a stylish and bloody platform game. Klei of Cloning Clyde renown made it, but we suggest avoiding unless you're a person not easily irked - it's frustrating. Eurogamer awarded 5/10 to the console version.

The first 15 minutes of DeathSpank on Xbox 360.