Smack my witch up.

VideoDeathSpank - first 15 minutes

Tuck into Ron Gilbert's latest.

"I was born to make DeathSpank!"

Ron Gilbert on 3D, Monkey Island and what's next.

VideoDeathSpank multiplayer gameplay

Get spanking with friends.

EA Indie Bundle spotted on Steam

Implausibly titled pack to include Shank 2, Warp, more.

UPDATE: An official Steam listing has now popped up. You can pick up the lot for your local equivalent of $20.98 - that's a 70 per cent saving.



Smack my witch up.

There's a lot of crap in DeathSpank.

I've counted three separate faecal inventory items, two other items that cause enemies to pinch off swirled, comedy loaves and innumerable references to bodily excretions.

It's perhaps a bit more base than people might expect, coming from Ron Gilbert. Monkey Island was irreverent, and often less than conceptual in its humour, but it never really resorted to full-on toilet antics. Conversely, DeathSpank revels in the smuttiness of its approach, and it's this which seems likely to divide its potential audience.

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Ron Gilbert doesn't like 3D glasses

"Will always be a problem."

Wearing glasses to play games in 3D "will always be a problem", the creator of classic adventure series Monkey Island and upcoming downloadable title DeathSpank has said.

"I was born to make DeathSpank!"

Ron Gilbert on 3D, Monkey Island and what's next.

If you love adventure games, you love Ron Gilbert. Some of LucasArts' classic late eighties and early nineties games owe much of their success to Gilbert's writing; Maniac Mansion, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade: The Graphic Adventure, The Secret of Monkey Island and Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge were all written by Gilbert's witty hand.

DeathSpank dated for July

Gilbert's action RPG for $15.

EA has announced that DeathSpank will be released for Xbox Live Arcade on 13th July and PlayStation Network on 14th July.


Ron Gilbert gives us some skin.

"I'm betting," says Ron Gilbert, settling into a killer pause with the practiced air of a world-class vacuum cleaner salesman, "that you've never fought a nun before." He laughs, slightly frazzled after a day full of promotional interviews backstage at PAX. "If you've ever wanted to fight a nun, this is the game to do it in."